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Creating revolutionary technology is hard. That’s why GoAERO – in partnership with industry leaders – empowers our competitor Teams with access to valuable software, products, services, and experts throughout the entire competition.


All Teams that succeed in reaching Stage 2 and 3 (the Building Stages of the competition) will have access to mentoring, software, products, services, media, and discounts.


Global Aerospace


Global Aerospace is a leading provider of aircraft insurance and risk management solutions for the aviation and aerospace industries. Global Aerospace will provide all Stage 2 and Stage 3 Teams within their insurance jurisdiction with a $1,000,000 Aircraft Liability insurance for just $1,500.

Gardner Aviation

Aviation Services

GoAERO is thrilled to announce that Sue and Jim Gardner have partnered with GoAERO to engage with all active Stage 3 Teams who may need support navigating the FAA aircraft and airman pathways. Both are recently retired after an illustrious 30 year career with the FAA. Jim’s role as a senior executive in Flight Standards with experience navigating both GA airman and aircraft certification, and Sue’s role as the FAA National Aviation Events Specialist, and FAA team member supporting development of pathways for sUAS and unique aircraft (e.g Jetman, flyboards), and Program Lead for the Sport Pilot and LSA rulemaking give them the tools and strong relationships within the FAA to help all our active Stage 3 teams identify and navigate their way through the FAA certification pathways in an efficient manner. On behalf of GoAERO, they will work directly with all active Stage 3 Teams in a one-on-one capacity to help each team define your FAA certification pathway and then provide an additional 5 hours support for each team as you process the required FAA paperwork for both your aircraft/vehicle and the pilot/operator.

GoAERO Mentors

One-on-One Assistance

All active Teams have access to the GoAERO Mentor program, which matches innovators directly with Mentors in areas such as technology, design, fundraising, or marketing. Participating teams can request to be paired with a mentor through this form.

Master Lectures

Global Webinars/Q&A's

GoAERO provides free access to Master Lectures and Q&A with the luminaries of aerospace design, engineering, finance, law, and marketing. Teams have the opportunity to engage in discussions with the masters of aviation and business in global webinars. Through the Master Lectures, Teams can learn from DARPA chiefs, NASA gurus, Boeing Senior Technical Fellows, and the VCs who are helping to shape the future. The full list of Masters and their bios can be found here.

VC & Fundraising Support

VC Intros & Funding Mentors

GoAERO will provide active Stage 2 Teams with introductions to and mentoring from experts in venture capital and fundraising. GoAERO will provide free programming on developing your funding deck, creating a list of active aerospace financers, taking that first pitch meeting, the funding process, and traditional deal terms.



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