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It's not just a competition.

It's a mission to save lives.

We are GoAERO (Aerial Emergency Response Operations), disrupters of disaster response and inventors of life-saving aircraft.


Our Goal: Catalyze a Breakthrough Solution to Build the World’s First Compact, Autonomy-Enabled Rescue Aircraft that is Safe and Simple to Fly.


We created a three-year global competition bringing the world’s brightest minds together to focus on a singular mission: Saving Lives.


Teams participating will design and build the first autonomy-enabled Emergency Response Flyer, a high-tech aircraft that will help response teams reach people, places and crises faster and easier than ever before.

Winners will save countless lives. 
They’ll also receive $2+ Million in prizes.

We’ve optimized for real-world performance to build aircraft that triumph over challenges posed by natural disasters, climate change, medical emergencies and humanitarian crises.


Every flyer is uncrewed. These aircraft make their way to the person in need without a human onboard. We’re ushering in a new age of rescue response by lowering barriers to operation.


To get to any and every location, the Emergency Response Flyer is roadable and trailerable— allowing the first responder to drive close to the scene, deploy the flyer quickly, and reach those in need when not accessible by ground vehicles.


These aircraft securely deliver a first responder to a person in need, transport a patient from an emergency, and bring in needed tools/supplies/goods to and from crisis situations in crowded cities, rural areas, and disaster zones.


To tackle everyday response challenges, this flyer is able to maneuver in and out of tough and tight spaces using vertical take-off and landing. It has the agility to react and adapt to the unpredictable.

Questioners of the Status Quo
Inventors of the Extraordinary
We Need You

You’ve always been curious over conventional. You forgo manuals choosing to make something out of nothing.


It’s why you’re the perfect person to pave the way forward. Join our challenge, break boundaries and change how we save lives forever.



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