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GoAERO launches over $2 million contest to inspire creation of versatile Emergency Response Flyers

Three-year global competition rewards teams that design, develop and build aviation solutions that serve the public good.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 7, 2024 /PR Newswire/ -- At the Vertical Flight Society's 2024 Transformative Vertical Flight Conference today, GoAERO announced a three-year project aimed at inspiring the creation of portable, versatile and autonomous Emergency Response Flyers . We have announced the launch of the GoAERO Prize, a global competition spanning over 20 years. Throughout the competition, teams will compete for prizes totaling over $2 million.  

GoAERO Launches $2+ Million Competition to Inspire Creation of Versatile Emergency Response Flyers This competition is designed to create aviation solutions that rescue people at risk and respond to the challenges posed by medical emergencies, humanitarian crises, climate change, and natural disasters. We are calling on entrepreneurs, engineers, students, and businesses around the world to help create this. Teams are asked to design, develop, and build emergency response aviation technology to rescue people, deploy first responders, provide emergency supplies, and support humanitarian efforts.

"Emergency responders put their lives on the line to help people in need, and they deserve the best and brightest technology to perform a wide range of rescue operations," said GoAERO CEO Gwen Lighter. "The GoAERO Prize hopes to inspire and encourage the creation of affordable, portable, versatile and autonomous Emergency Response Flyers that will help bridge critical gaps in emergency response technology."

The GoAERO Prize is awarded to Boeing , NASA , RTX , Iridium , Xwing , It is supported by an extensive network of internationally recognized aerospace industry leaders, including other aerospace organizations. As part of the competition, each team will have access to training, lectures, and software, as well as help from mentors and technicians from many of these organizations. Alongside Lighter, Bob Pearce, deputy director of NASA ARMD (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), said at the conference that NASA has a long history of pioneering new technologies that improve daily life and aid disaster response. "GoAERO shares our vision that aviation can be used to explore, discover and build a better future for humanity." The contest consists of three stages.

The first stage, the "Paper Stage", requires the digital submission of technical documents. The second stage is the construction phase, which requires proof of concept through sub-scale or full-scale flyers. The third and final stage is the Final Fly-Off, during which each team must complete five real emergency response missions using their flyer. At the Final Fly-Off, flyers are judged on accuracy, productivity, adversity, adaptability, and maneuverability. The team with the most points in each category will win the $750,000 Top Prize. Each team will also have a chance to win a $100,000 Disruptor Award and a $100,000 Autonomy Award from RTX. Other prizes will also be awarded throughout the contest.

About GoAERO

GoAERO was founded to create novel flight technologies that save lives. Our mission is to create innovative aviation solutions that meet the challenges posed by natural disasters, medical emergencies, climate change, and humanitarian crises, and to create innovative aviation solutions that meet the challenges posed by natural disasters, medical emergencies, climate change, and humanitarian crises. , both by building a collaborative network of government, aviation, and first responder organizations.

In 2024, GoAERO launched the GoAERO Prize. This is a global competition committed to inspiring the creation of Emergency Response Flyers who rescue people in danger and respond to disasters everywhere. With more than $2 million in prizes up for grabs, this contest will create a safe, portable, rugged and self-responsive fryer. Teams competing in the GoAERO Prize compete over a period of three years and benefit from expert guidance, global attention, access to software, products and services, and prize money. To register your team and learn more about the GoAERO Prize, please visit .


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