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GoAERO launches competition to inspire emergency response tech

Updated: Apr 16

GoAERO has announced the launch of its three-year, global competition – the GoAERO Prize – which aims to inspire the creation of portable, versatile and autonomy-enabled emergency response technology.

Throughout the competition, teams will compete for more than $2 million in total prizes.

The competition is a global call to entrepreneurs, engineers, students, and businesses to create aerial solutions that rescue people in danger and respond to challenges posed by medical emergencies, humanitarian crises, climate change, and natural disasters.

Teams will be challenged to design, develop and build emergency response aerial technologies that rescue people, deliver first responders, provide emergency supplies, and aid in humanitarian efforts.

“Emergency responders put their lives on the line to help those in need,” said Gwen Lighter, CEO of GoAERO.

“They deserve the best, most capable technologies that can perform a wide array of rescue missions. The GoAERO Prize hopes to inspire and catalyse the creation of affordable, portable, versatile, and autonomy-enabled emergency response flyers that will help close a critical gap in emergency response technology.”

The GoAERO Prize is supported by an extensive network of internationally recognised leaders in aerospace including Boeing, NASA, RTX, Iridium, Xwing and other aerospace organisations.

As part of the competition, teams will have access to mentors and technical experts at many of these organisations, as well as trainings, lectures, and software.

Bob Pearce, Associate Administrator, Aeronautics Research Mission, NASA ARMD, said: “NASA has a long history of trailblazing new technologies that improve daily life and support disaster response. GoAERO shares in our vision that aviation can be harnessed to explore, discover and build a better future for humanity.”


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