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Ready, Set, GoAERO! Competition Launches to Create Emergency Response Flyers; Offers $2+ Million in Prizes

Updated: Feb 5

When life hangs in the balance, the difference between triumph and tragedy often rests on our ability to move toward the danger, not away. To see past the peril and reach people in need.


That’s why we are introducing a breakthrough, global competition to reward the greatest innovations in precision, propulsion, and autonomy-enabled flight to create hope where it didn’t exist before, to reach people in danger, and fight disaster wherever it’s found.


There are people who dream of doing things never before achieved.


And those who go out and do it.


This competition is for the doers.


GoAERO Prize is offering over $2 million in prizes to the boldest creators and innovators to produce safe, portable, robust, autonomy-enabled Emergency Response Flyers that will unlock a new era of emergency response.


These Emergency Response Flyers will reach people in danger and respond to disaster wherever it is found, performing critical missions in medical emergencies, natural disasters, and humanitarian crises.


Along with our sponsors and partners - Boeing, NASA, RTX, and aerospace organizations around the world, the GoAERO Prize competition empowers teams by providing access to experts in aviation, engineering, and design - as well as valuable software, services, funding and legal help, and products to ensure every team has what it needs to compete.


This is an opportunity for the best thinkers, creators and inventors to stretch and challenge their minds, to make history, and change the world.


Ready, Set, GoAERO.


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