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10 Things to Know About the GoAERO Prize Competition Launch

GoAERO Prize is a three-year, global competition offering over $2 million in prizes to spur the creation of Emergency Response Flyers that rescue people and respond to disaster wherever it is found.


In partnership with Boeing, NASA, RTX, Xwing and other global aerospace organizations, we are catalyzing the creation of safe, portable, robust, autonomy-enabled flyers that respond to challenges posed by natural disasters, medical emergencies, climate change and humanitarian crises.


Interested in joining us on our mission?

Here are 10 insights about the competition to start you on your journey:


  1. AERO in GoAERO stands for Aerial Emergency Response Operations. Useful acronym, right?

  2. GoAERO Prize is offering over $2+ million in prizes over the next three years.  

  3. The competition involves three stages - Paper, Prototype, and Fly-Off - and you don’t need to win a previous round in order to proceed to the next stage. We know that it is often perseverance that leads to ultimate success in engineering.

  4. Throughout the competition, GoAERO Prize competitors will receive mentoring from the best –  including specialists in aircraft design, systems engineering, fabrication and testing.

  5. For students (grad and undergrad alike), you’ll get to show off your STEM chops and represent your university on a global stage. For entrepreneurs, you’ll get to build transformative technology that saves lives.

  6. The GoAERO Prize competition supports your innovative efforts to drive a lasting impact for humankind. Each team owns the intellectual property associated with their entry.

  7. In addition to monetary prizes and expert mentorship, you receive access to software, products and services to help you build your Emergency Response Flyer. Thank you GoAERO Prize partners!

  8. The Final Fly Off competition event will feature five separate missions that test specific skills and capabilities in mock real-world scenarios.

  9. We are looking for entrepreneurs, engineers, innovators, builders, and doers that are ready to inspire our imaginations with their aerial inventions.

  10. And last, but certainly not least, this competition is about making a difference. We are ready. Are you?


Read more about the competition and sign up at


Join us on this exciting journey! Ready, Set, GoAERO!


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